Phew, this space was a doozy. Between the 24 shelves in the living room to decorate, and the large dimensional space that we had to fill, the goals of how we wanted it to feel were, at times, difficult. We spend loads of time in our living room and always have, so we knew that it had to be conducive for how we use it as well as comfortable and flow with the rest of the first floor. The previous owners had two parallel sofa’s flanking the fireplace which is nice, in theory. With this size space you need to have the right size rug and furniture otherwise you are creating a huge dead zone between it and the kitchen. And that’s what their layout did. The rug was too small and laying vertically towards the fireplace. We started with our staple sofa (our neutral 9 footer) and a 10 x 14 jute base rug and went from there. We knew we wanted a more open feel between the kitchen and living room so opted for chairs on that side instead of another sofa.

The real beauty? The coffee table. This thing is monstrous and fits the huge space just the way that we needed it to. I also included a vintage find in the side table to add a spot for some more lighting as well as to cozy up what would have been a fairly open corner. Overall this arrangement fits the size of the space as well as accomplishes many of the goals and feelings that we wanted it to. Now we can relax comfortably and host just as well.



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