Ohhhhh boy, was this a selling point of this house! To have a covered outdoor porch and dining space was a huge must for us. Especially in a place that has weather like Nashville, we knew we wanted to be able to enjoy it.

As we started brainstorming we knew we wanted the two spaces to feel cohesive. We wanted those sitting down for dinner to be able to enjoy the fireplace! And for those sitting by the fireplace to be able to enjoy the backyard. So we felt that by putting any chairs at the top of the space would block the ability to do either one. We dedicated our search on large outdoor sofa’s that would not only be comfy, seat as many people as possible, but also tie the two spaces together and allow for walking space. As I’m writing it out, it sounds like a super high maintenance sofa!

I searched and searched for outdoor pillows but finally gave in and made custom. This is outdoor fabric so still super durable for the elements and cost as much if not less than high quality outdoor pillow covers. So if you’re in the same predicament, find a good local seamstress and start fabric hunting! I’m so glad we did.


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