It’s a love-hate relationship for people; either that or an “I-have-no-idea-what-that-is” relationship when it comes to Burl. To be honest I knew I had seen it before, but didn’t know what it actually was until a few years ago. Now, I’m obsessed. What I love most about it is that burl is actually a deformity in wood. Don’t you love that? A deformity that makes something so beautiful and sought after, that’s a life lesson right there. It comes in different patterns and finishes of course but is a beautiful way to make a piece of furniture or accent feel a little more glamorous. But I do understand that it might not be some people’s cup of tea. It might be a little busy, or look a little too glam or maybe they like it but just don’t know how to incorporate it into their house without it being too much?

Because of the pattern, larger pieces like tables, etc. can be overwhelming. It will immediately be the focal piece of that room so unless you’re ready for that, I would find some smaller ways to incorporate this wood into your home. And there are tons of ways to do that! I have a few small pieces like this box throughout the house, but I also have these burl frames in our hallway nooks. They are a perfect way to add a pop of style without distracting from any other elements in the space.



Finding other cool pieces like burl boxes or even burl trays for your shelves, or maybe your coffee tables is another great way to include it in your home. That way you can move it around as it suits your taste or the season. I got his box on a trip to Minnesota and I love the light finish and the pattern because it makes it such an interesting piece. These items can easily stand alone as a decorative object because of the material! It doesn’t need much else to accompany it because it’s already so decorative by itself.



This table 😀 We wanted this to be the focal point of our entryway because, well, that’s the whole point! After looking and looking and looking, and looking some more I found this style and absolutely loved the burl finish as well as the style. It’s the right size that it doesn’t dominate the point of view, so when you’re in my study or dining room or even in the living room (where you can still see the table from different angles) it doesn’t distract or clash with anything else. It’s a small enough piece in a large enough space that it can handle its independence as well as blend in with the other rooms. While this table is custom, here are a few others that are beautiful accent pieces.





Either way, I love this material and know that it is an incredibly long living material in small doses. Meaning, you aren’t going to be hopping on a trend and immediately regret your decision. Burl has been around for a while and will make its way back and forth again and again. But adding it in small doses to your home is a great way to add some eclectic style to your home. I mean, just look at it!


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