We’ve never really had a foyer before, so this is a new challenge for me. And I think one thing that I’ve learned while moving into this house it is that we are not “fancy” people. While our home has nice things and we want it to look nice, the “glamorous” items and style isn’t really for us. With that, the foyer was an interesting space because we didn’t want it to feel too fancy but also wanted to use the space and make it a nice entrance for those coming into our home.

Continue with the fancy conversation, we immediately switched out the pendant. It was a little too glam for us and the rest of the house. Plus we found that there was a very complimentary pendant to those we have in our kitchen so to tie those spaces together, we went with that one.



The former owners had two console tables set up on either side of the opening to the living room, which was a good idea and I had even considered two antique Demilune tables on either side but then I reconsidered. There is just so much character and detail in the trim and millwork that I didn’t want to cover that up! Plus it would have left so much empty space in this very long zone, so we went with a pedestal table.



Only select spaces can fit a pedestal table in an entryway, while most are more suited to a console. Jon was initially hesitant because he thought it would inhibit the flow of traffic, but even I don’t get that many Amazon packages 😉 We got the right size to not get in the way of the door, and because the space is large enough it is easy to walk around when needing to. The upside is that this isn’t a heavily trafficked pattern, meaning walking into the office from the dining room and vice versa isn’t a common path we take. So we weren’t worried too much about it getting in the way.

Something to think about in any room is the focal point. Is there one in the architecture, or do you need to create one with your selections? That’s what we did by putting this piece front and center at the front door. It accentuates the pendant and gives the eye direction when coming or looking into the front door.

This piece was custom, which I don’t do often but needed to for the size. Any entry table needs to be a tad taller than a traditional side table so it was difficult finding one that was high enough but not too wide. I started looking at small dining tables and bistro tables, but nothing fit the right dimensions or the look that we wanted. So I sourced this and am so happy that I did.



If you’re on the lookout for some entry tables, here are a few finds that I discovered on my search.


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