This project has moved so quickly and that was something I didn’t anticipate! But I kinda love it. It’s half the size of other projects that I’ve had so it seems like a super manageable amount of work and designs and honestly, kinda powered through it. Now I’m just hoping that the actual renovation work goes as quickly.

Let’s start with the exterior.

We’re going to brighten the brick with some Sherwin Williams Swiss Coffee with an accent of Farrow & Ball French Gray on the doors and shutters. And the landscapers have come in and cleared out the plants in the front and that alone has improved the look! Not that I don’t love dead boxwoods but, she needed a clean-up. And the cherry on top?

A rendering of what it’ll look like


I wanted to find a way to upgrade the front without it hitting the budget too hard. The options were to add a third window nook upstairs, gable the front covered porch, or add a railing. Going with the railing is not only the most cost effective but in my opinion also the most updated. Because this is an older home I wanted to find little ways to bring her into the 21st century without going “modern”. I think that this is a great way to do that will be a great touch to the curbside appeal.

Now, let’s go inside. The kitchen/living room space is going to be the most “wow” in the after photos, because the view below is going to be a look into the new kitchen, WHICH will be featuring:

  • a 7 foot island, a 30 in farmhouse sink
  • a 30 inch range from Italy
  • a panel-ready dishwasher and fridge
  • extra seating area around the island to double as a kitchen table if you choose not to add one in the living room area (although you definitely have room for one).




Another big layout change that is for the better is the upstairs bathroom. While it was already a pretty okay size, it only had hallway access. With two large bedrooms upstairs I figured it would be nice to be able to have one en suite bedroom, so by moving the mechanical closet to the first floor and expanding that space into the bathroom we’re making a much bigger bathroom as well as some storage too! I’m thinking white hexagon mosaic tile with wood frame mirrors and a dark countertop!



Because this is such a small house I was able to get my head around the designs rather quickly, and put them together even quicker! I’m still working through details and specifics but we’re on the right track and I’m really excited about the direction it’s taking. After starting with the exterior, we’re going “elevated luxury cottage” throughout the interior. I was concerned in the beginning with our small budget but to be honest with a few small touches here and there we’re going to be able to make a big impact when it comes to the finishes. And two of those spaces that I’m excited about already are the powder room and the primary bathroom. I had this dream of the powder bathroom that I think is going to be a game-changer!

And while the primary bathroom is getting a major facelift, the thing I’m most excited about is brightening it up and making the counter space more efficient. We’re able to have two separate 36″ vanities, recessed medicine cabinets and even a 2 foot makeup counter (I can’t wait to stage that little area)! Take a look at the designs below and keep an eye out for more details on my social soon! Hopefully we’ll have loads of updates sooner rather than later and this project gets moving.




This all came together rather quickly. And thank goodness.

This 2,300 square foot house is such a special little house, nestled on .3 acres with a beautiful stone lined creek in the back yard. I could not wait to get my hands on this house, and while this project is going to be very different than our others, we’re still able to make a big impact.



The Manor Cottage will be our first quick-turn flip! That means we aren’t adding any square feet or anything structurally, merely giving her a major facelift, and she needs it.

This was the perfect house for our first quick-turn because while the original character is there on the exterior and the floor plan and footprint are super workable, she still needs lots of work. Not only is it super dated, has carpet on the second floor that I don’t even want to think about (gross), but also has loads of electrical issues due to some DIY project the last few decades.

We’re going to make this house feel completely different from the second you walk in, adding an entrance hallway and adding grand double doors into the new dining or office space! The biggest changes to the first floor? Moving the kitchen. We’re going to expand that space and move it closer to the living room so that we can get a bit more of an open floor plan as well as a nice sized laundry. The existing kitchen space will host the mudroom/laundry, and next to it a new powder room.



I‘m hoping we can expand the primary bathroom and closet a bit, but this space will get absolutely gutted and redone along with the bathroom upstairs. I don’t even want to mention this nasty carpet again, but yes, that’s gotta go! We’ll do a new durable carpet up here with a slightly new layout to allow for one bedroom to have an en suite bathroom.

Now, what I’m really excited about? The exterior.



Like I said she’s already got so much character, which is a necessity when looking for flips. This adorable little fence in the back is absolutely going to stay, plus the old brick pathways. We might give them a little cleanup along with the yard which will already go a long way… I mean, some of the weeds are taller than I am! Adding a fresh coat of paint, accent shutters and maybe a modern railing above the front porch and you’ve got yourself some great curbside appeal.

I’m so excited for this new challenge in a different and quicker project and can’t wait to take you all on the journey with me! Stay tuned for loads of updates, because they’re going to come quickly on this one.




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