The center of the home. Where you spend so much time, whether you intend to or not. I’ve found that it doesn’t matter how nice the rest of your house is, people always end up hanging around the kitchen. So let’s dig into the one at Woodvale Manor



I wanted to get away from white kitchen cabinets in this house and think that the result was so worth it. It can be scary to do something different with something like cabinets that can’t just be easily painted over. But this soft grey is so beautiful and I think the perfect solution. And the brass hardware on the range compliments it so beautifully

The overall layout of the kitchen was something that I never wavered from. When I was putting the floor plans together my architect kept trying to push me in a more square direction but once we came up with the footprint I knew what I wanted the kitchen floor plan to look like. With immediate access to a side door outside, maybe to take the trash out, as well as to the large butler’s pantry and buffet cabinetry and a breakfast nook this kitchen has loads of features that not only look lovely but also lend beautifully to functional everyday use.



While a typical upper cabinetry layout would have provided more storage, I knew I wanted the wall around the range to be a focal point. From the point of view of the kitchen, this was going to be a focal moment. So not only do you have the storage of the counter-to-ceiling upper cabinets but you also get the design element of the alcove layered by the island lighting. Plus you absolutely need this beautiful range to be a focal point, I mean, gorg.

Continuing with the cabinet design, my designer kept calling this space as ‘the pantry’ because it quite literally is big enough to serve as one. You know me and storage, you can’t have enough of it! And it mirrors the paneled fridge right next to it for a symmetrical look.



And let’s not forget the 10 foot island, huge farmhouse sink, bridge faucet and paneled dishwasher! Overall this kitchen was a joy to work on and came together even better than I could have imagined. I envy the mornings you could have in this area; making a coffee in your butler’s pantry, cooking pancakes on the beautiful 48” Italian range, then sitting in your breakfast nook enjoying your Saturday morning. That sounds pretty good to me



If I had to pick my favorite features?

1. The panel ready fridge

2. The statement backsplash and pot filler

3. The huge farmhouse sink and bridge faucet!

4. You still have loads of space to use and enjoy a huge kitchen island

5. The hardware. It’s got the sweetest little design detail to it that is such a great departure from the boring handles you see everywhere.

Overall I am so pleased with how this kitchen turned out. It’s got character, depth, and loads of function.


Edit V


We’re at a really exciting spot over here at Manor Designs. We are kicking off our second flip, which means the plans and designs are so close to being finalized.

And this house has me super excited. It is much more “my style” than Haverford was. While Haverford Manor had a classiness and timelessness to it I think the character I’ll be bringing to Woodvale Manor suits my personal style a bit more. Plus it fits the exterior facade perfectly, which is always a good thing! And this go around I’ve decided to share more of the design + concepts through the process instead of waiting until the end. I’ve already posted a bit on the exterior, and plan to share lots more in the future. But in the meantime, here’s an exclusive look at a few designs I’ve got so far!



We’re actually finishing up the framing in the coming week, so I’ll be anxious to share those updates and give you a walkthrough of the addition.

Now, on the personal side, I’ve been doing some shopping :-/ I feel like I finally felt the confidence to truly clean out my closet and lean into my true style. I haven’t been throwing money out the window but at 34-years-old I do feel like I finally know my style, my personality when it comes to fashion, and able to know that each piece that I am buying are not only ones that fit that personality 100%, but also pieces that I can and will be wearing for the long haul.

What have I been buying? Stone colors.

I’m not going to call it beige because that word gets a bad rap for being boring. I prefer the term ‘stone’. I’m realizing how much I love dressing in neutrals and how when you have the right ones, wearing each piece together to assemble your outfit is even easier!




I’ve also been lucky enough to join the Ambassador roster with The Container Store which has meant getting my house truly organized. I mean every last closet, corner and drawer! No one is safe.

In the past I have truly left certain boxes unpacked because 1. I didn’t want to deal with it 2. I figured I was going to have to leaf the stuff in a box in the closet anyway. Well? No more. Now that we aren’t moving so much I am finally unpacking those boxes, getting rid of stuff that needs getting rid of, and getting those areas organized like we plan on staying for a minute.

The first project? My closet, which I got some lined baskets for my shelves to not only keep everything in its place, but also keep each of those categories down to the necessary quantities. I’m no longer stuffing my shelves with things that I keep buying and never even reach the bottom of the pile.




The upcoming projects? We’ve got some on-the-go pieces that are perfect for your summer trips and everyday chores, as well as reorganizing my desk to hopefully optimize my office space. So stay tuned for some great projects and lessons in organization.





The plans for Woodvale Manor are officially here!! And we’ve even already submitted for permits so we are well on our way with Woodvale Manor.

I’m really excited about these plans because while we had an architect help us with the final drawings, they were off of my initial designs, so seeing these ideas come to life will be so gratifying. While Haverford Manor had such a workable first floor plan, this was a little trickier, but I think we made the best of it. Adding a good 2,000 feet of livable square footage to the footprint, we were able to get a great flow from the garage to the mudroom to the kitchen and living area. Because I loved the flow from Haverford Manor so much with the easy access to the pantry from the garage, that I incorporated a similar concept in this house.

With a large mudroom right off the garage, and immediate access into the kitchen, we had enough room to add an opening into the pantry as well. So instead of walking the groceries all around the kitchen to access the pantry, it’s right there off of the garage for a quick drop off!



A fun detail about upstairs is that the front two existing bedrooms are going to stay as is! Well, kind of. One is going to get a little bigger, and they are both getting en suite bathrooms. Then we have a super private “guest wing” as I like to call it, which is a large guest room with an en suite bathroom and walk-in closet above the garage. It’s super private because you have to walk around the hallway to access it. With that and the primary bedroom with vaulted ceilings and walk-in closet, this house is turning into a 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath!

Not bad…



A few of my favorite details?

– the nook in the kitchen was super intentional, not only did the bump out in the footprint allow for a much bigger pantry too, but having a little sitting area for every day was a must-have and I’m so excited we were able to fit it!

– the dedicated office is small, but the perfect size for a desk and chairs. Plus we are going to include some built-ins on both sides of the pocket doors for some storage + character.

– the bathroom in the guest wing has the vanity in front of the mirror and I’m actually super excited about that. We’ll be able to fit to sinks in that vanity and for a touch of character + function I’ll get pivoting mirrors to put on the walls. So what might look like a bad idea on paper is actually going to turn into a unique design moment.

Ready for the really exciting part? Here is your exclusive look at the 3D rendering of the exterior. I’m so glad I did this to be able to visualize the outside, not only did it help with finishes and colors but it also is an amazing resource to reference in the coming construction months.

Plus, it’s like, really exciting!



And don’t worry, we aren’t losing the courtyard! That sloped brick half wall is still there, and the fence line will get a bit of an upgrade but there will still be a beautiful little courtyard off that side entrance. And I’ve even brought that slope detail into the back porch as well! Adding a beautiful punch of style to what could have been a simple back porch. Not that there was anything wrong with the original screened-in porch, but now we’ll have a covered sitting area with an extended uncovered patio with stairs leading to a walkway to the garage + rough-in for a grill!


Stay tuned on social media for concepts and designs coming soon!

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