Nashville has had touches of Spring (and even Summer) the last month and it has me so excited for patio season. That time of year when you want to open the windows and doors and let the smell of fresh air into your house, when you get to sit outside and bask in the sun after hibernating for months. It’s the best!

And ever since we moved into our home here in Nashville I have come to appreciate the important of a well styled porch or patio. And not just that it looks good, which is obviously of utmost importance, but that it is also functional and can withstand the elements. For us, those elements tend to be heat and sun, as our porch and patio get direct sunlight until about 3-4:00 in the afternoon. So I knew we needed something that wouldn’t get hot to the touch, that it came with covers, and a dining table that had an umbrella spot. My husband wasn’t as keen on that last part but, shocker, it’s been the most essential part to that dining area.

So before you pull the trigger on any furniture, make sure you think about the elements, the use and the flow you want for your porch or patio.




If you have a fireplace, centering the furniture around that area is a good place to start. Whether it’s a fire pit or a built-in fireplace, you can find a great seating arrangement to enjoy your company and the fire on a chilly Spring evening. But I’ve included some great fire pits below if you’re not of a mind to build a structure and want to be able to move it in and out as well. That’s what we did at our home in Minneapolis where we had a small 10 x 10 sitting area but wanted to enjoy a fire occasionally.

But the one thing that I will always preach when it comes to making your porch and patio feel like an extension of your home is to focus on the finishing touches. I’m talking the color of the cushions, the pillows, and even adding a side table with planters or lanterns for an added touch. You put so much work and money into the interior of your home, you don’t want the style to go downhill the second you step outside! So let that style flow out to your patio with some of the great finds below.




The Weekly Edit II


I’m still in a little bit of shock.

12 hours after Haverford Manor was officially listed on MLS, we got an offer. A great offer. And less than 24 hours later, we were under contract. And now that we are officially closed I can take a sigh of relief, for so many reasons. There was quite a bit of drama during the last 30 days and to be honest I was 90% sure that it was going to go back on the market. Luckily we worked through it and I have a bomb realtor, and the papers have been signed!



You guys, this was my first baby! And I took care of her and raised her for 18 long months to get her to the point where I set her free, but it is so bittersweet. I love this house and the journey that I’ve been on with it and the lessons that it has taught me, so seeing it empty again and walking out for the last time was more difficult than I thought it would be. Sure I’m thrilled (and a little proud) to know that this project has come to a successful end, but it’s hard not to become emotionally attached to something like this.

I’ve been so caught up in producing the final imagery and videography that sometimes I have to go back and look at the old images of the house to remember how far we have come. But I’ve been trying to provide as much progress content on social throughout the reveals as possible, so we can go on that journey together.

Last week we revealed a whole lot of bts footage of the progress of this area. The mudroom + drop zone + powder room area is one of my favorite parts of the house and full of functional goodies.But to be honest I think I’m more excited about what’s to come… the kitchen reveal!!



I know I know, it’s already out on the portfolio but there is something special about seeing it come to life in video. We’ll have the full video and then a progression video as well which reminds me just how far we came with this house. But I’m going to share a few of my favorite parts of the kitchen

1. I hounded the team to make sure that the sink + oven/range were centered on the fireplace. My dream was to have someone standing at the sink washing the dishes and being able to enjoy the fire at the same time.

2. I love a ledge in a kitchen, and I chose to blend this into the line of the cabinetry and incorporated in the slab backsplash.

3. I also love a double knob drawer front 🙂

But let’s all be honest about what we’re really excited about… Spring!! It’s been feeling so nice here and really starting to warm up and I am here for it. We live on our patio when it’s nice out so hopefully we’ll get a chance to power wash and clean her up really well so we can enjoy the seasons outside. And speaking of patio’s…




Another part of Haverford Manor that I absolutely love! And it was actually a late add to the construction plans. I love how it flows within the floor plan as well. Enjoy the fireplace in your living room, then step through these French doors to enjoy your outdoor fireplace and patio area. I mean, I actually hope the buyers invite me over some time. As I was staging this area in January I was dreaming of putting planters out and fresh plants on our patio. So, needless to say I have been on the hunt for good additions to our outdoor area. Here are a few



And please, please can we have a moment for dress season. I have three or four that I wear aaalll the time that I cannot wait to dust off. There’s something about having a single piece of clothing to choose from and pairing it with a cozy sweater? Nothing gets better than that. I’ve been very particular and selective about buying any new clothes so if I do add another dress to my closet this season you’ll know it’s because I plan on wearing it for years to come. Here are a few finds that caught my eye so far.



The Weekly Edit I

It’s been quite a few weeks! I knew that it was going to be busy, and overwhelming but I think I underestimated all of it.

The Open House for Haverford Manor was amazing. To be honest, I had thoughts several times that week that nobody would show up, but so many people did and showed their support and I was so pleased with the evening. It was so much fun showing people the project that I had been working on for the last 18 months, but even more exciting was sharing the reveal on social! I felt at times like the progress was moving at a snail’s pace but being able to share the portfolio and finished video’s calmed all of those frustrations.

This past week we shared the before + after of the entryway which looks very different! Adding the stairs, and a two-story ceiling height, the former formal sitting room is a grand entrance.



I also started to share what we did with their old second sitting room. What we think this was their old single car garage that they closed in years ago and turned into a laundry closet, powder room and sitting area. However, they didn’t do anything to the floors so it wasn’t exactly the homiest of rooms. So we leveled this room with the rest of the first floor, and built a drop-zone, mudroom and powder room as well as access to the pantry and kitchen as well as the entryway. And to be honest, I think that this is one of my favorite areas of the house!

The drop zone is so insanely functional and I have to say I’m pretty jealous. To have a spot right at the back door to drop your keys, as well as an easy and quick flow to the pantry to drop off your groceries from the garage? A dream! Here’s a sneak peak at some of the reveals that will come this week.






And the reveals are just going to keep on coming! I have loads more before + after stuff planned for social media along with videos and details of the house.

I’m also beyond ready for Spring and we’ve had a few previews of warmer weather here in Nashville, so I’m starting to think about shifting my wardrobe. Here are a few finds that I’ve added to my wardrobe as well as staples that I wear season after season.



So what’s next? The full reveal of the mudroom as well as starting to get a look at the kitchen! Everyone’s favorite. Don’t miss those reveals on Instagram but also exclusive info in the newsletter. There is still so much to share about Haverford Manor






Well, this took a lot longer than anticipated…

I’m not gonna lie these last 3-4 months of the process has been frustrating. We hit delays with windows, and then more delays with windows which put everything on the interior on hold so there wasn’t a whole lot to update you on. But after two months of ‘we aren’t sure when your windows are coming in’ we finally got them and finished installing them. And that means that we could get going on the interior: hvac, electrical, mechanical and inspections.

Yup, all the fun stuff :-/



Waiting for the windows didn’t just put a delay on the interior but the exterior as well. We couldn’t apply the brick until the windows were in, but it didn’t take long to go up which led to an immediate sigh of relief! Same with the drywall and hardwood floors. Luckily both of these groups started early and worked quickly so the progress started to feel real and exciting.


Now, for some changes to the plans.

Originally we hadn’t planned on a porch or patio of any kind merely because of cost. However, after we saw the way the neighborhood was improving and the recent comps in the neighborhood I decided we should have one. So, we extended the living room roof line and voila! Our covered porch. With a fireplace and vaulted ceilings I think this is going to be a major selling point! I know we use ours so so much and I think that this space is going to be beautiful.

Another change to the was adding a butler’s pantry. Instead of having a (too) big mudroom, we decided to take up some of that space with a powder room and instead put a butler’s pantry in the place where the powder room was before. So now there is a whole area for storage and then the second half that has a wall oven/microwave combo and more upper and lower cabinets as well! So much storage.



This past week the cabinets went in, and while we’ve had more scheduling issues with that, a majority of them are in and I’m really starting to feel the designs come to life. The next big step here would be countertops, which have been selected and templated and we expect install the week after Thanksgiving… hopefully! Because then the real fun begins; trim outs for faucets, and other hardware that I have been laboring over for months. I’m so excited to see all of those to go in, in particular the light fixtures! Hopefully all of that will start sooner rather than later.


From now until the big reveal I’ll be sharing all of the updates and teases on social media, but cannot wait for the big reveal on my portfolio in mid January. To stay up to date on everything as well as the date of the reveal, sign up for the newsletter below! In the meantime, take a look at my social channels for an inside look at everything going on at Haverford Manor




We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year and it will be the first time my nephews come to Nashville! So the pressure is on to plan a fun holiday weekend but also to have a top notch Thanksgiving dinner. So I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been thinking about this table decor for a while now.



Just like everything that I look to buy for my home, I don’t ever want to buy anything that I can’t use more than once. So I stuck with low key neutrals and a touch of glam with these CB2 votives. It’s the perfect touch to add some light as well as a touch of decor for the holiday. I went back and forth between tall candlesticks but I think the short ones are easy to use for other events and the tall candlesticks can be hard to see the little kiddos across the table.

Now for the centerpiece. I have to admit that I‘m not very good with floral arrangements. I had thought of doing a greenery arrangement in this compote that I have but I didn’t think I was up for the challenge. So I went with a garland as a centerpiece because that felt like a great seasonal touch and an easy get from the local nursery or to use your holiday garland before you hang it up. I still wanted height in the center though so I used my trusty votive from Target that I have used for just about everything plus a large pillar candle. Candlelight is a great and easy way to add decor without too much “stuff”, and it just makes it feel so cozy!



I found these little place card holders that I just couldn’t resist! I think the texture adds a nice touch to the whole table so it isn’t too flat. They have them pictured with Polaroids of the person instead of a written name which I think is a great idea! Could give a kiddo an activity during the day to collect everyone’s picture and adds an even more personal touch. And plus, they’re just so cute!

I love a touch of brass or gold during the holidays and think that the table is the perfect place to do it. It’s so much warmer than silver and will instantly make your table feel more glamorous. I found these napkins rings from H&M that won’t break the bank and would be super easy to use for another event as well. I love the festive ones with bells or greenery, but that feels too holiday specific. I wanted ones that I could use all year round and think that these work perfectly.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and if you’re hosting  and in need of a few more items for your table, check out some of the links below to put together your own similar table setting.






This is exactly what I wanted from this space and I’m so thrilled with it. The perfect blend of a dining area to fit the family as well as a lounge area to enjoy some football on the weekends. And with family coming in last week I knew that it was the perfect time to set up a festive fall dining experience.



We found the perfect way to hang our new cafe lights without any huge holes or difficulty. I found these extendable light posts that I zip tied to our metal railing so we can take them down at any time! And we found these shatter proof lights which are CRUCIAL! As I speak from experience cleaning up broken glass from the other kinds that break so easily.

And I absolutely love the colors of fall foliage so when I saw these branches at the local flower warehouse I knew they would be the perfect centerpiece. If you don’t like them as a centerpiece you could break them up and use them as a runner or in a garland. That’s what I did with the extra magnolia from our kitchen centerpiece, I broke them up and placed them throughout the candle jars.



I got these vintage canning jars from one of my favorite vendors and use them as candle holders and it is the perfect touch to the table. I also love Save-On-Crafts for tea lights and pillar candles at a good price. I’m shocked sometimes that they can be so expensive but this is a great source for buying them in good quantities at a lower price. And if you don’t want to do much of a table setting, all you need is a good tablecloth and you’re set! I love this one from Target because it would work great in the Spring as well, but you know gingham is spot-on-trend for Fall!

You can also use your little pumpkins from your trip to the pumpkin patch for table decor. You can’t beat the cute little white ones with long stalks. It makes them look like a cartoon!



The overall vibe is very different from the Spring Brunch that I set up this year, even down to the glasses. While I love the acrylic ones I used in the Spring, these vintage finds are so fun! That and the tortoise finish of the flatware and it feels like quintessential Fall. That and the fact that we can enjoy the fireplace at the same time, it’s kind of hard to beat it. It’s moments like these that I am so pleased with the setup of our patio. Even though the spaces are separate and even differentiated by a set of stairs, it still feels so cohesive.

Hosting a cookout? A table set up like this could be so beautiful for a side table! Put out a folding table with a tablecloth and decor with some food and drinks and you are instantly the hostess with the mostest. Check out the links below to get started.






My love for anything and everything vintage grows by the day. And vintage dressers in particular! I dream of a day I get to style a client’s guest room with a beautiful vintage dresser; maybe as a nightstand or a focal piece for style! Luckily I was able to do that in my own home first.



Our bedroom is large, like, too large. To the extent that I don’t want to get anything to finish this room that I wouldn’t be able to fit anywhere else in the house. Which is why I loved this piece from Patina + Co so much! It could be great in a hallway, guest room, or hopefully stay in our bedroom if we were to ever move.

I wanted a piece that was simple enough to fit with our transitional pieces so far, but give just enough of a hint of vintage that it offset the newer items. Other than the vintage looking artwork we have above our bed, everything is fairly new looking and I don’t love that. I also have to have a little bit of an antique feel to a room to bring in a piece of traditional style as well as give it a sense of permanence.




And don’t get me started on this accent chair. Who wants boring square furniture when you can have something like this beauty? I mean look at the style of that frame! Swoon.

And because our room is so large I needed to make sure that there were enough points of light that it didn’t feel too cavernous. To be honest we don’t get much (if any) sunlight in here so it could easily become dark and cold. But give me a little brass and pleated silk lamp shade and we’ll fix that right up 😀



So if you have a blank wall somewhere and you are wondering what to do with it, consider a vintage dresser! It could even be beautiful in a dining room as a bar cart. The options are endless. And I’ve already done a little of the work for you in sourcing a few vintage beauties below. And if you really love that farmhouse/cottage look? You could find one on Facebook Marketplace and DIY a bleached wood look super easily



Here are a few more styles to get you inspired…





I have a dream of one day having a home that has several raised beds, a little shed and connected sitting area covered in cafe lights, centered around a fire pit. But until then, I have made my own little garden without any construction or yard landscaping and I am actually really happy with it and enjoying it so much.



Our yard is very difficult when it comes to adding anything to it because it slopes on a decline quite aggressively, so finding a level area is, well, not as easy as you’d think. I was walking around trying to find the right spot that has sunlight and that I might be able to stabilize it and decided to use our new fence to my advantage. We had this fence put in last Summer and added the gate at the end of driveway soon after. I wanted the raised bed to blend so I stained it it to match.

My green thumb is kind of faded and not all that strong, so I enlisted loads of help from my mom and did loads of research. But this book was by far the single best purchase I made when it came to this little garden. Veg In One Bed broke down each vegetable in such a helpful and informative way but the best part? It broke down the whole garden bed by month! That means I didn’t have to compile all of the info on the vegetables into a calendar, because it was already done for me. It was so easy to follow and they gave so many sustainable and cute tips that made me feel like I was an expert in no time.

I still have loads to learn but absolutely love having a little version of my dream garden to enjoy. It’s been a great way to learn through trial and error without making any huge dents in our yard. But, I’m hoping that I feel confident enough next Spring and I find the right place in our yard that I’ll have a bigger + better set up.




What did I plant this Spring?

In one planter:

  • beefsteak tomatoes
  • Sweet Treat cherry tomatoes
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • Italian Bush Beans
  • Tricolored Zucchini Squash
  • Cucumbers

In another planter:

  • sweet peppers
  • Spanish Onions
  • Heirloom Carrots
  • Crispy French Carrots



Some quick lessons that I’ve learned so far?

  1. Pay attention to the planting distances on the package! If you won’t be able to fit all of the sprouts once you thin them out then you’ve wasted some good seeds. Make sure to account for the space you need when you spread them out after they have germinated. I really think that I overdid it when it comes to a few of the plants. I have three zucchini plants in my one planter and I think I probably only should have done one. I’m sure I won’t get as many veggies out of them because they’ll be too crowded.
  2. Research what works well next to each other. Even logistically if two plants need a trellis, figure out the best place to plant them so they can grow tall and healthy and you can use one trellis for both plants. Some veggies even do well in the same garden bed together than others!
  3. Don’t be afraid to start sowing seeds inside! I used the cartons that my GoMacro bars come in along with a seed starter mix of soil and a grow light. I had a little set up in our laundry room which helped me to plant the tomatoes and peppers MUCH earlier than I would have been able to otherwise.
  4. Protect the little guys! I used an accelerator to make sure that the ups and downs of Nashville temperatures didn’t affect them too badly this March, but I did find that it also protected them from pesky pests. We have loads of squirrels so I actually built functional covers for both of my beds so that once the veggies start to grow I won’t have to worry about someone else enjoying them before I do!
  5. If you don’t have space, that’s no problem! There are tons of veggies that have container-specific seeds that grow best that way. Some kale, lettuce, tomatoes and even cucumbers have great options to put in containers! You don’t even have to have the space for a garden bed to be a gardener.
  6. This last one I never even dreamed would be an issue… pollinating! If you don’t have enough pollinators (bees) your blossoms might not mature into fruit! And believe it or not, you’ll need to help them out. There are in fact male and female blossoms so do your research, grab a tiny paintbrush, and get to pollinating! I actually only started to see vegetables grow once I started to do this.


Want to know a secret? I’ve actually been spending time this Summer building a bigger garden in our yard. Nothing that is too destructive to the yard, but something bigger that I can reaaaalllly start to get into. I was even able to plant a few seeds last month in them so hopefully I’ll have some fun updates this Fall. And speaking of seasons, gardening isn’t just for Spring! People forget that there are some plants that do really well in the fall months so you can keep it going! What I’ll be planting? Broccoli, Lacinato kale, Brussels sprouts, and replanting carrots too!

Long story short, do your research!! And no, that doesn’t mean you have to read a ton of books on gardening, but if you’re curious about something, google it! I cannot tell you how many times I have googled the silliest sounding question just to make sure I’m giving my veggies the best chance to grow. And I’m so glad that I did! I’ve found some amazing tips on this amazing internet of ours 😀





I told my mom and my sister last Fall that I wanted them to come visit in the Spring around Mother’s Day. I had this vision of a brunch in our new outdoor space to celebrate them that was full of flowers and food and made for a beautiful and fun morning. I wasn’t able to get everyone in town for the holiday but decided to put together a brunch anyway, just to show off our patio!



The biggest requirement I had in our outdoor dining table was that it had a space for an umbrella. This space can get blasted by the sun until the early afternoon and I didn’t want to limit the number of meals that we could have out here just because we couldn’t have an umbrella. Thank goodness we found one because then we are able to host events like this and sit outside at this table all day long if we’d like!

I’m not gonna lie, I had a huge inspiration board for this brunch because I wanted it to look beautiful and feel so special for my mom and my sister. I knew hydrangeas were going to be the centerpieces and I knew I wanted a tablecloth that felt festive for the season. From there I worked on the side table, which (spoiler alert), is just a folding table with a cloth on it. But I saw this set up from Josh Young and thought this would be a perfect way to set up the food and also add a hint of Springy decor.



Getting a cheap folding table to use as a buffet table is the perfect way to show a little more style as well as hold all of the food + drink. I covered mine with a printed tablecloth and used planters and flowers as accents. I loved this set up so much that when I took it down the whole wall and space felt empty. Now I’m tempted to get an outdoor bar cart to have out here all the time.

When it came to the table setting I wanted to get pieces that would accentuate my outdoor staples but also items I would be able to use all the time out here. I didn’t want to get anything special just for this one meal but instead get items that I could add to throughout the years that also go well together. I didn’t have any outdoor tableware so this brunch was a great place to start. Brainstorming over how you’re going to use a space now and in the future is a great way to make sure that when you’re purchasing something, even as small as plates, are going to continue to fit the form and function of the area.



Up next? I’m thinking an al fresco dinner full of candles, cafe lights and cocktails 🙂


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I absolutely love this time of year, everyone is coming to life again and getting outside as much as possible. It’s so much better than being cooped up inside hiding from the cold weather. I posted the full reveal of our finished back patio a few weeks ago and since then we have used it practically every day. I am not lying when I say that I am quite literally sitting at the outdoor dining table under the umbrella working on this post.

Brands have really caught on to the fact that people want their outdoor furniture to look as good as their indoor furniture. None of this flimsy picnic looking stuff that can barely last one season without wearing or rusting too much to be able to enjoy next year.



The first thing that I looked for when we were shopping for our patio was durability. I wanted this furniture to last us for as long as possible, then I can make sure it looks good and goes well together. Some things to consider when selecting your outdoor furniture:

1. Sun exposure. Is it going to get tons of direct sun exposure throughout the day and can it withstand it? If not, do they sell covers for the piece, we use ours all the time to protect our furniture.

2. Material. Because our patio gets so much sun I immediately ruled out metal furniture. I have PTSD from sitting down in a metal chair, putting my arm on the armrest and immediately regretting it. Metal outdoor furniture will get super hot when in the sun for any amount of time. Safety first!

3. Replacement Cushions: Ballard Designs is a retailer that does a great job selling replacement cushions. And you don’t want to look up in a year and need to replace a single cushion and have it mismatch the rest. Make sure you’ll easily be able to replace a cushion if need be. Even one bad week of storms can make a cushion look incredibly worn.

Here are some great finds that I’ve found recently to shop from! My favorite part about all of these finds? They’re just as stylish as anything you could find inside. Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to ruin the whole style of your home. So happy shopping!




Everything has really started to bloom here in Nashville. All of our trees are filling in and everything is starting to feel alive! I feel like I’m at the nursery every week because I want to plant something new every day. So here are some planters that have caught my eye lately in case you feel the same way.