We had many discussions over this space with our architect during the floor plan stages. While he would have preferred to change the footprint to fit the stairs somewhere else to make the entryway a formal dining area, we knew it wasn’t in the budget and we didn’t want to spend that much money. And I knew that we could get a large enough dining space to fit a large table and sitting area, but it wouldn’t give you that formal feel that some people like.

This is where the great debate begins: formal dining rooms, or kitchen nooks?



Now this isn’t exactly a ‘nook’ in my opinion. The table pictured above is extended to 6 ft with room to spare so you could easily fit an 8-person table in here. But, it isn’t a separate dining space and is instead, right off the kitchen so not exactly a formal dining room either. I guess we built a sort of hybrid at Haverford Manor. We have had formal dining rooms in both of our homes that we have lived in, and you want to know how many times we used both of them? Less than 10 times in 8 years. Now, I understand the appeal if you have family visit a lot or if you host a lot, but us? I’d love a ‘nook’ area.


I wanted this space to be an extension of the living room, and started gathering pieces over a year before this photo was taken. But, there were moments I panicked and didn’t think it would work out. The hard part about flipping is that I’m not exactly styling and furnishing the house in the ideal way that I’d like to, or would with a client. I have to get pieces that I can resell or store easily, or maybe even borrow a few pieces from my own house.




How would you feel if I told you almost every single pieces seen here was vintage, or repurposed? Aside from the light fixture and framed artwork, I got everything else either from a local vintage store, or revamped from Facebook Marketplace. The vase in particular was a last minute find from Gaslamp Too that I was thrilled (and relieved) to have to complete the space. Is this setup everyone’s cup of tea? Probably not, but I wanted it to tell a story and have some character as well as show prospective buyers what a space like this could do!


In the last year or so pedestals have come into style as home accessories again, and there are some beautiful ones out there. I love it as an option to fill an empty corner or to bring in some height. This is just a standard white one you might have found in an art studio in the 90’s, but I’m thinking about doing a DIY project soon to make it look a little more like a natural material like what is so popular today. You’ll see burl, travertine, or maybe a natural wood that would be beautiful to add texture to a space. In this room with the trim and chairs, I went with plain white as not to add too many elements.



And don’t get me started on this settee, which I currently have in my own home now! I actually had no intention for this when I first bought it off of FB Marketplace, but it was in amaaaaaazing shape and only $150… a six foot couch! So I got it reupholstered and now she belongs in a beautiful English sitting room. Or maybe a setup like this in a guest suite one day. And while I’m currently designing a proper kitchen nook, you unfortunately won’t be able to see the finished product for another year or so. So in the meantime here are some pieces I found to fancy up your own eating area, whether it be a formal dining room for hosting holidays, or a small area for you and your partner to have coffee in the morning. I love both!






Well, this took a lot longer than anticipated…

I’m not gonna lie these last 3-4 months of the process has been frustrating. We hit delays with windows, and then more delays with windows which put everything on the interior on hold so there wasn’t a whole lot to update you on. But after two months of ‘we aren’t sure when your windows are coming in’ we finally got them and finished installing them. And that means that we could get going on the interior: hvac, electrical, mechanical and inspections.

Yup, all the fun stuff :-/



Waiting for the windows didn’t just put a delay on the interior but the exterior as well. We couldn’t apply the brick until the windows were in, but it didn’t take long to go up which led to an immediate sigh of relief! Same with the drywall and hardwood floors. Luckily both of these groups started early and worked quickly so the progress started to feel real and exciting.


Now, for some changes to the plans.

Originally we hadn’t planned on a porch or patio of any kind merely because of cost. However, after we saw the way the neighborhood was improving and the recent comps in the neighborhood I decided we should have one. So, we extended the living room roof line and voila! Our covered porch. With a fireplace and vaulted ceilings I think this is going to be a major selling point! I know we use ours so so much and I think that this space is going to be beautiful.

Another change to the was adding a butler’s pantry. Instead of having a (too) big mudroom, we decided to take up some of that space with a powder room and instead put a butler’s pantry in the place where the powder room was before. So now there is a whole area for storage and then the second half that has a wall oven/microwave combo and more upper and lower cabinets as well! So much storage.



This past week the cabinets went in, and while we’ve had more scheduling issues with that, a majority of them are in and I’m really starting to feel the designs come to life. The next big step here would be countertops, which have been selected and templated and we expect install the week after Thanksgiving… hopefully! Because then the real fun begins; trim outs for faucets, and other hardware that I have been laboring over for months. I’m so excited to see all of those to go in, in particular the light fixtures! Hopefully all of that will start sooner rather than later.


From now until the big reveal I’ll be sharing all of the updates and teases on social media, but cannot wait for the big reveal on my portfolio in mid January. To stay up to date on everything as well as the date of the reveal, sign up for the newsletter below! In the meantime, take a look at my social channels for an inside look at everything going on at Haverford Manor




My first flip! I cannot begin to tell you how excited and nervous I was at just the idea of doing a flip! I mean, this is the dream, right? Free rein of design, a whole house to play with? And Chip and Joanna Gaines make it look so dang fun 😀

And yes, it’s obviously a ton of work too.



Originally built in the 50’s this guy was in need of some serious love. I don’t think it has been updated at all since it was built except for the living room which looked like it was an addition, as well as the weird laundry/sitting room that looked to have been the old garage. So, while they did increase the square footage, let’s just say we had some other improvements in mind.

The biggest change we have planned? Adding a whole floor! That’s right, we are taking this puppy vertical. We’ll be putting the primary bedroom and three other bedrooms upstairs along with a MUCH improved primary bathroom + closet. Jon literally could not believe his eyes when he saw this bathroom. Not only could he not even fit into the shower, but the overall functionality and layout, woof. That’s not even mentioning the pink plastic shower.



The biggest item we had to figure out was where to put the stairs and how to maximize the kitchen. There were a few issues with the location of the Mudroom and its proximity to the kitchen because I didn’t want that entrance to interrupt the kitchen or to lose counter/cabinet space to that door. So, we are adding a hallway from the back door that will have access through a pocket door to a HUGE pantry. So you’ll be able to easily drop off your groceries and access the kitchen if you’d like to, but also be able to walk through the hallway to the front of the house as well. We’re also going to be making the powder room way more glamorous than the scary one they had in their “garage”.

The only downside to the plan we have right now is that we are not able to provide a formal sitting room and/or dining room. Now, personally? I never used either of those rooms when we had them. And most people don’t want a formal dining room now days. I totally get it! But I would have loved to have been able to offer the option of that. Instead we are making the entrance the absolute best that it can be. And to be honest? Jon is already scared that we are going to move into this house because it is going to have an awesome kitchen nook 😂.

A benefit to adding a second floor is that it is no problem to raise the ceiling heights as well! So we’re aiming for 9’ all around the first floor and I’m hoping to find a way to vault the living room. I’m hoping we can afford the roof pitch to be able to include some dormers as well! I know there are going to be so many things that I’m going to have to give up and I am fully prepared for the final project to look VERY different from what I have in my head, but as long as I can manage those expectations and stay within budget? I’ll be a happy girl, and this will (hopefully) be a beautiful home!

I’m so excited to share more of the plans with you as they become a reality!